He's All I Need!

In Christ we have everything we need.

Now, that statement is so powerful, IF you understand who Jesus is and what He came to do. So, let's approach Who Jesus is. Jesus is the Messiah; The One who came from heaven down to earth.  He took on flesh and was tempted, tried, and stayed perfect even in the slaying of his own body. He was tortured on every level: spirit, soul and body through his death of the cross. He was and is perfect.

Jesus is now seated at the right of God interceding for you and me. So, when I make a statement like, "In Jesus we have everything we need", I'm saying in essence that there is nothing that we are going through that compares to what Jesus overcame.  And not only did Jesus overcome, but He also came to help us through our own struggles. He died so we might live. He gave so we could live in abundance. He did it all so we might come boldly into His presence.

You're the fruit of the seed that was sown more than 2000 years ago. Today, live with an understanding that there is nothing you face that Jesus cannot walk you through.  Rest in Jesus. He died and rose again so you and I can walk today free from guilt, shame, pain, sickness, lack, loneliness, regret and so much more. You have everything you need in Christ!