Day 7 of 2017 - Unfailing Love

This first week of our 21 day fast we have focused on cleansing and purifying our hearts, minds, and motives.  Some people think that only new Christians have to deal with repentance, or issues of the flesh.  But the truth is that we actually have greater temptations as we grow in the faith. 

An immature Christian is often unaware of the enemy’s tactics and can be easily tempted.  But a more mature Christian develops a sense of awareness and therefore the enemy works harder to pull us off God’s path for our lives.  A more mature Christian is a bigger threat to darkness and so the attacks often increase.  The good news is that no matter how big the attack, God is bigger! 

No matter what your struggle may be today, remember that Jesus is at the right hand of the Father praying for you!  He knows what it’s like to resist temptation.  He understands the pain and the struggles we face.  He is able and willing to help us over come every temptation and direct us into abundant life.  Lean into God’s strength today.  Rest in His goodness, His mercy, and His unfailing love.

Reading: Romans 7:13-25; Psalm 25