Day 3 of 2017 - A Hungry Heart

I recently listened to a message by Ravi Zacharias.  He spoke about an article written by Matthew Parish, an atheistic journalist who worked in Africa for many years. The journalist stated that he had come to a conclusion that staggered even him: the message brought by missionaries of Jesus Christ and it’s redemptive foundation seems to be the only thing that has effectively worked to dissipate the hostility and antipathy between warring tribes.  Pastor Zacharias explained that the teaching of morality or goodness isn’t enough to transform minds, but that the redemptive quality of the gospel message is necessary to change the hunger of a man’s heart.

Surrendering is our acknowledgemet that the Holy Spirit is transforming us from being self-righteous, to being God-inside-minded.  Surrendering to the Will of God is what changes the hunger of our hearts.  When we surrender, we are no longer seeking self, but we are seeking God. 

The order of surrender is redemption, righteousness, then worship.  Psalm 24 tells us that only those with clean hands and pure hearts can worship God.  We must first receive the redemptive work of Jesus Christ by declaring Him as Lord and then understand our identity as the righteousness of God through Christ.  Only then can we truly enter into worship that brings honor and glory to our Father.  I pray that as you read today’s scriptures, the Holy Spirit, who is our teacher, will help you understand your identity in Christ Jesus so you can truly worship and commune with your Heavenly Father.

Reading: Psalm 24; 2 Corinthians 5:17-21; Matthew 5:8; 1 Timothy 2:8