Day 2 of 2017 - Declare Your Surrender

Prayer and fasting always exposes the motives of our heart.  As we progress through the process, you and I will begin to see how we have allowed our flesh take charge in certain areas of our lives. The Bible says in Romans 8 that if we are fleshly minded, we will receive the benefits of the flesh, but if we live after the Spirit, we will receive Life.  So, the next 21 days is our time to surrender our will to Gods Will and allow the Spirit to lead us instead of our flesh.

In World War II there was an eyewitness to the German surrender to the Allies.  The surrender took place at a school house in Rheims. The German officers sat before the Allied officers and signed four separate copies of the agreement.  The mood was somber and the atmosphere tense.  The head German Colonel General, Justaf Jodl, was curt and abrupt at the signing of defeat.  Once he was finished, he was escorted to the room where President Eisenhower was waiting.  The President asked the German officer if he understood the terms of the surrender.  Jodl said yes.  President Eisenhower asked if he were prepared to carry out the terms as stated. Again, Jodl abruptly replied, “yes.”  After a moment of silence, staring into one another’s eyes, the German commander bowed stiffly and left the room.

Notice that the Germans not only signed the agreements, they also had to give verbal consent that they understood the agreement.  Today, as you and I surrender to the will of God, we should remember the importance of speaking out loud our consent to our surrender to the FatherOur flesh needs to hear us declare that our Spirit is going to reign!

 Reading: Romans 8; Matthew 26:38-45