Day 21 of 2017 - Stay Close

Today our season of corporate prayer and fasting comes to an end.  My prayer is that you and your family have experienced God in a very real and meaningful way.  God’s desire is continual fellowship with us.  This time of purifying, both physically and spiritually, has helped position us for life-giving fellowship with our Father.

When you receive from God, you must contend to maintain His gift.  There are people who have been healed, but they talked themselves back into sickness.  There are people who have been delivered from addictions, but they allowed the enemy through an open door and became bound again.  Being declared free, and living free are two different experiences.  One happens in a moment of time, while the other requires daily commitment to hold fast to God’s promises.

The best way I know to hold on to God’s gifts is to stay close to Him.  Stay close in prayer, and in your study time, but also surround yourself with other people of like faith.  Engage with those who are in pursuit of God just like you are! Guard what comes in through your eyes and ears.  Remain consecrated to the Father and allow Him to direct you and bless you!

Although our fast ends today, our pursuit of God and His way of doing things does not end today!  God is a good, good Father!  Let’s remain steadfast, and endeavor to move forward in Him. 

Reading: Psalm 73:28; Hebrews 10:19-25; Psalm 65:4