Day 20 of 2017 - Wake Up Son-shine!

You’ve heard me say it since we began our fast: Church, this is our year!  I realize that a person could hear me say that and roll their eyes and think it’s some empty promise.  However, I believe that God is setting us up for goodness.  Now, it’s up to us to put into action all that we have learned.

Our time of prayer and fasting has been a time of setting apart a portion of our lives so we can get before the Lord to awake some things on the inside of us.  We need faith to awaken – we need joy to awaken – we need love to awaken on the inside of us so that we can live in the fullness of the Father and completely fulfill God’s assignment in the earth.

Isaiah 60:1 in the Amplified Version says, “Arise [from spiritual depression to a new life], shine [be radiant with the glory and brilliance of the Lord]; for your light has come, And the glory and brilliance of the Lord has risen upon you.”  Wake up, church, to the life God has prepared for you!  God’s grace, glory, and strength is shining on you!

Reading: Romans 1:17; Romans 13:11; Ephesians 5:8-13