Day 19 of 2017 - What's Your Song?

I’ve been attacked on different levels and one of the things God has given me to defeat the enemy is a song in my heart. Most recently the song I’ve been singing in my heart is from an old hymn and says, “The battle is the Lord’s, Praise God, and the victory is ours!” 

Your worship is the key to your breakthrough.  Sometimes the weight of the challenges you face can become so overwhelming that there seems to be no hope. So, singing becomes completely unnatural in light of the depression and discouragement you face.  But even in the darkest place, you must refuse to give up your song!

See, if the devil can steal your song, he can steal your victory.  In Psalm 137, we see how God’s children were defeated by their enemies and they describe how they “hung their harps on the willow branches” while their tormentors mocked them and demanded them to sing.  They couldn’t sing.  They just sat by the river and wept.

But the very next Psalm begins by saying, “I will give You thanks with all my heart; I sing praises to You before the [pagan] gods.” (Psalm 138:1-2 AMP).  Somehow, they recovered their song and sang before the unbelievers without shame!

No matter what you are facing, find your song!  Get it down in your heart.  Declare it as your anthem.  Refuse to allow the darkness to steal your worship!

Reading: Psalm 137-138