Day 18 of 2017 - If You Can See It...

One day, my grandson was standing in the living room when he put his blanket over his head and took off running.  Of course, you can probably imagine it didn’t end well!  He ran straight into a piece of furniture and he cried a good cry.  We were sympathetic, but giggling at the same time, because he was so naïve to think that would be a good idea! 

Later, I began to think about how people act similarly in their adult lives.  They take off after a goal completely blinded by emotion, desperation, and especially lack of purpose.  As was the case with my grandson, it usually doesn’t end well.  Today I want to encourage you to get a solid vision for your life.  Habakkuk 2:2-3 tells us the importance of making the vision plain so that we can run with it!

Some of you may need to do some vision exercises.  Start saving screenshots of goals and ideas for your life.  Take a drive in a neighborhood you normally wouldn’t visit; attend a tour of homes in your community; talk to people in positions you would hope to attain.  The point is to increase your vision for your future. 

Now, there is a fine line between coveting your neighbor’s life and increasing your vision for your own life.  I’m not talking about stirring up jealousy or envy; I’m suggesting that you take a fresh look at what is possible and begin to seek the Lord’s direction.  As that direction comes, write it down.  Physically take time to record the words from the Lord or the visions he is giving you.  You must see clearly what lies ahead of you so you can pursue God’s best!

Reading: Habakkuk 2:2-3; Acts 2:17-21; John 10:27