Day 17 of 2017 - It's Time To Expand

Have you ever been told to live outside of the box?  Usually the person saying this is trying to encourage us to live free, without limitations.  Such limitations are often self-imposed restrictions, or the reflection of limitations with which others have tried to restrain us.  It’s time to break out of comfort zones and fear, and live out the dreams and visions God had given us.

We can be overwhelmed by dreams and visions from God, because they seem so big and so far beyond who we are.  But we must understand that God is not speaking to us based on where we are in life.  God speaks to us according to our potential. 

What are the dreams and visions God has given you?  Which scriptures are you standing on as you walk out the assignment of God on your life?  If you can’t even imagine that the dream God has given you could come to pass, then it’s time to expand your capacity to receive.

Today, ask God to help you see what He has planned for you, and to give you the courage to believe it’s possible.

Reading: Isaiah 54:2; Proverbs 29:18; Numbers 12:6