Day 16 of 2017 - Miraculous Visitations

Acts 10 tells us about a man named Cornelius who invited Peter to preach at his house.  Now, of all the things Luke could have written about, why write about a time when two guys met and had a Bible study?  We must understand the extraordinary circumstances surrounding this meeting.  Peter was Jewish, and the law forbid Jewish men from keeping company with anyone who was not also Jewish.  Cornelius was a Roman centurion, and not one who kept the Jewish law, nor followed the Jewish customs.  Nevertheless, Cornelius was a man who was a devout worshipper of God and prayed regularly.

A significant aspect of this meeting is the fast that led to the miraculous visitation that brought the two together.  While fasting, Peter had a vision that led him to defy Jewish custom and go to the home of a man who was a Gentile.  Cornelius was fasting at the same time and was visited by an angel who told him to bring Peter to his house.  Without such divine intervention, the two men may have never met due to the constrains of societal customs.

The divine meeting between Peter and Cornelius not only affected the two men.  This meeting sparked the revelation that God did not show partiality towards any group or groups of people, and the ministry of Jesus Christ is for all mankind.  This meeting affected generations to come. 

As you pray during your fast, remain open to miraculous visitations, visions or prophetic direction.  Your walk with God is not just for you, but for generations to come.

Reading: Acts 10; Psalm 112:2; John 14:26