Day 15 of 2017 - The Door to the Miraculous

Fasting opens the door to the miraculous.  In Acts 27, the Apostle Luke is telling of the circumstances regarding Paul’s shipwreck on Malta.  Paul warned the men sailing the ship that danger lay ahead, but the men ignored Paul’s warning.  After all, Paul was merely a prisoner and they were expert sailors.  Nevertheless, the storm became so great that danger could not be averted.  In verse 21, Paul explained to the men on the ship that there would be great loss to the ship and cargo, but no loss life.

How could this be?  How could Paul know such a thing?  In verse 22, Paul explains that an angel had appeared to him and given him comfort that the men would all be safe even though the ship would be destroyed.  The appearance of the angel was the result of a fast.  The food and equipment had been tossed overboard to save the ship, so this was a sort of “forced fast”, but Paul took advantage and sought God during this time.

As you remain committed to the final 7 days of this corporate fast, I encourage you to seek the miraculous.  I am praying that the direction, wisdom, or guidance that you are seeking will become very clear as we endure to the end.

Reading: Acts 27; Jeremiah 32:27; Luke 1:37