Day 13 of 2017 - Keep Steppin'

When I got married to my high school sweetheart, I couldn’t wait to literally carry her over the threshold of our home. Leading up to our wedding, I dreamed about the joy of that moment when I could hold her close and take the first step into our new life together.  Funny thing, that first step was connected to another step, and another step.  If I had taken one step and dropped her, it would have been a terrible start to the rest of our lives! 

Some people think that since they “prayed the prayer” and go to church from time to time, they’re good.  But salvation is just the first step on the journey of discipleship.  We can’t just cross the threshold with Jesus and drop him!  We must continue to walk out our new life with Him.  The strength to do so, comes as we feed our spirit and grow stronger in the faith.

Sometimes when I’m talking to people about keeping our focus on godly things, they look at me like a cow at a new gate! Romans 8:5 tells us that those who live after the flesh  “set their minds on the flesh”, and those who live after the spirit, set their minds on the spirit.  Set your mind!  Focus your thoughts!  It matters!

Verse 6 tells us further that the reward for those pursuing the flesh is death and the reward for those pursuing the spirit is life and peace.  Seek God on purpose!  He wants to lead you into an amazing life full of peace.  Set your focus on Him so you can learn His voice and grow in the strength to follow Him.

Reading: Romans 8:6-8; Matthew 6:33; Isaiah 50:4-7