Day 12 of 2017 - Tug-Of-War

One of the most fun things I have done as a Pastor is accompany our youth group to summer camp at Texas Bible Institute.  A portion of the activities they offer is a series of contests between the different youth groups to inspire some healthy competition.  A favorite of Lifeline Youth is the tug-of-war contest.

Some teams just stack their side with the biggest, baddest, strongest, young men they can find. And believe me, some of those young men intimidate even me! Nevertheless, we happen to believe the right strategy can level the playing field against brute strength.  And last year, our strategy finally paid off!  We won first place against some really big guys!

There is a different kind of tug-of-war that rages in each of us.  Romans 8 tells us about the struggle between the flesh and the spirit.  The flesh is the physical aspect of human beings that distinguishes us from God.  In other words, the flesh is our soul (mind, will and emotions), engaged with our body.  We have a choice to make every day to live after the flesh or to live after the spirit. 

We can be bombarded by the things we see and hear and the pull of the world can seem very strong.  But the right strategy can overcome the pull of the world.  We must set our focus on the things of the Kingdom of God.  We must intentionally place the Word, worship and godly wisdom before our eyes and in our ears so we can keep our focus on the Kingdom.

Today, examine the sights and sounds to which you are giving attention.  I pray you have the wisdom to make the adjustments needed to ensure you win the daily tug-of-war!

Reading: Colossians 3:2; Psalm 1:1-4; Romans 8:1-5