Day 8 of 2017 - Standing Up To A Bully

There are days when I have felt down right bullied by the enemy!  It seemed like every time I turned the corner there he was trying to intimidate, and humiliate me. I can’t stand a bully! 

Bullies are all about hurting people, whether that means physically causing pain or creating harmful stories so that everyone will see us as being weak. Sometimes they achieve their goal and not only do others see us as weak, but we see ourselves the same way!  

Doubt and unbelief; rejection and fear; these are just a few of the tactics the enemy uses to bully us.  Many times we get so focused on what is happening to us that we lose sight of who we are as God’s children and allow ungodly strongholds to be built in our hearts and minds. 

Fasting can help us break those strongholds and fortify our faith.  Fasting gives us the spiritual strength to look the devil in the eye and stand on God’s Word. Fasting causes us to switch our focus from the attack to the answer.  When we know who we are in Christ, nothing can discourage or intimidate us!

Along with today’s reading, I want to connect you to this resource from Joyce Meyer Ministries:   

Learn who you are in Christ and never forget it!  Show that devil that you can’t be bullied anymore!

Reading: 2 Corinthians 10:4; Matthew 17:19-21; James 4:7