Day 1 of 2017 - Purify and Cleanse

Do you remember when you were first saved?  Do you remember the passion, the purity and the purpose that was birthed in your heart?  Maybe you had a sense of invincibility like you and God could conquer the world.  Perhaps you experienced such a joy; such a passion to tell everyone about the love of God!

And then came rejection.  Not everyone wanted to hear about God’s love! Shocking!  Then prayers went unanswered and doubts entered in.  One obstacle after another came and each served to pollute your faith.  Before you knew it, you were questioning if this “Bible business” was for you.  Your faith, that was so passionate and so pure, gradually became contaminated through negative experience.  Sound familiar?

James 4:8 tells us that we must draw close to God, cleanse our hands, and purify our hearts.  Verse 10 says that when we humble ourselves God will lift us up.  This time of fasting and prayer is a time of cleansing and purifying ourselves.  See, fasting is more than just denying ourselves of some worldly comfort.  Fasting is replacing that worldly comfort with the pursuit of His Presence.

We are setting aside the next 21 days for fasting and prayer so that we can focus inwardly as God brings clarification and direction.  On this first day, begin by asking the Lord to help you search your heart and expose anything that has contaminated your faith.  Remember that your faith is not based on experience.  Our faith is built upon God’s Word. Draw near to God today and allow His Presence to purify and cleanse you, inside and out!

Reading: James 4:7-10; Psalm 139:23-24; Psalm 51:10-13