Day 11: Love Serves

True acts of love require serving.  No matter where we are in our walk with the Lord, service should be a part of our life.  Whether we are on the job, at home, in the church, or in our community, we are required to serve one another.

 Jesus was a wonderful example of the strength of service.  He reminds us that he did not come to the world to be served, but to serve others.  Jesus had such compassion for others!  He washed the disciples’ feet; he cried with those who were mourning; he attended to those who were sick.  Above all, Jesus took the shame and pain of the cross out of a deep love for each of us, knowing that His sacrifice would restore us back to the Father. 

 Make this year a year of servant-hood.  Ask the Lord to illuminate the areas around you that need someone to step in and give a helping hand. 

 Reading:  1 Peter 4:9-10; Matthew 20:26-28; Matthew 25:35-36,40; 1 John 3:16-18