Day 7: Multiplied Seed

Everyone wants to believe that the soil of their lives is like the soil described in Matthew 13:23; soil that causes seed to produce multiplied harvest.  However, the focus in this scripture is not just on the soil!  There is progression in this description: the soil is good, the seed of God’s Word is heard, understood, and acted upon.

 James 1:22 is clear that if we hear the Word of God, but do not put it into practice in our everyday lives, we will become deceived.  Talking about God’s Word is different from doing God’s Word, yet there are times when we are so distracted letting others know how much we know, that we forget to actually do the Word.

 Never take for granted that because you know about God and His Word, you know Him and have His Power at work in your life.  True revelation will compel you to action.  That action produces multiplied harvest. 

 My prayer for you today is that your effectual fervent prayer would make much power available to you, and that power will promote you to good works and bring great harvest in your life.

 Reading: Matthew 13:23; James 1:22; Philippians 2:3-5