Day 6: Fruit-bearing Seed

How do you feel about change?  Someone once said, change is only necessary when it’s necessary! There are those, however, who are so resistant to change that they are unable to allow God to expand their capacity for receiving.  Jesus noted this mentality in Matthew 13:22 describing the seed that is choked out due to the cares of this world.

 Worry, fear, busyness, and the pursuit of riches are all snares set by the enemy in order to choke out the Word of God.  The scripture says, “…he becomes unfruitful.”  This means that at one time this hearer bore fruit, but due to the distractions of life he has stopped bearing fruit.  What fruit are you bearing?  You may have been quite fruitful in your early Christian years, but God’s plan is that you continue to bear fruit, even into old age. 

 Examine how the Word is developed in your day-to-day life and ask God to help you see if there are areas where you are resisting change, or areas where you are pursuing distractions that are preventing you from fulfilling God ‘s plan for your life.

 Reading: Matthew 13:22;Proverbs 16:3; John 15:8