Day 5: Seed That Endures

The number one way to ensure success of a plant is to establish a strong root system.  We have heard references to the palm trees on the coast that bend 90 degrees in hurricane force winds, but stand tall and strong the very next day.  These plants have developed deep roots that enable the trees to survive in even the most ferocious storms.

 In contrast, the seed described by Jesus in Matthew 13:20-21 is seed that never develops a root system and is scorched by the sun. I find it interesting that Jesus is very descriptive regarding the way the seed of the Word is received – with joy.  We must never allow the experience of a moment to replace the depth of relationship that comes from His Word and His Presence.  Don’t be distracted by hype!

 The enemy is just waiting to rob you of revelation.  Will he find your roots too strong to fail?  Ask God to reveal any area of counterfeit religion in your life.  Don’t settle for anything other than His genuine Presence.

 My prayer is that the soil of your heart is richly cultivated by prayer and worship and that the Word of God is rooted deeply in your life!

 Reading: Matthew 13:20-21; Mark 4:15; Psalm 1:3