Day 4: Environment of Your Seed

Your environment is important!  If you place a seed in soil, you know that in order for that seed to produce fruit, you must create an atmosphere for growth.  Environment is key!  You must understand that the problem is never with the seed.  The problem is either the soil or the environment.  The potential on the inside of a seed contains the power to do away with any lack. 

 Your life (the seed) has been created by God on purpose to produce fruit for the Kingdom of God. This is why the environment of your life matters!  In Matthew 13:18-23, Jesus gives us a very clear perspective of seed that is sown in a variety environments and how those environments affect the harvest of the seed.

 The first observation is made of seed that is thrown by the wayside.  This seed was snatched because small things distracted the hearer from truly understanding and grasping the fullness of God’s plan.  Are there areas of your faith where you lack understanding?  Remember, faith stops at the question mark.  Commit to find answers for the questions you may have.  Ask God to bring clarity and develop the Word in your heart.

 Reading: Matthew 13:18-19; Hosea 4:6; Psalm 119:128-130