Day 1 of 21: The Danger of Distractions

We all have distractions in our lives…unexpected phone calls…homework left at home…locked keys in the car (again)…!  And often we just accept distractions and try not to allow them to cause any great emotional frustration. 

Although we can’t eliminate every distraction, we must be aware of the subtle ways distractions enter our lives to pull us away from God’s plans and purposes.  Kids leave their lunch at home…that’s not a trap of the enemy!  But how many times have you taken an unexpected call, or text, and found yourself hours later confused, frustrated and drained beyond measure? 

Distraction in its literal sense is, quite honestly, brutal!  The word literally means: pulling apart, separating.  In medieval Europe, punishment was enacted on criminals whereby the limbs were tied to four different horses and those horses pulled in opposite directions until the point of dismemberment.  This process is the origin of the word we use today: distraction.

Are their areas of your life that seem to be pulling you away from the plans and purposes of God?  Do you feel a sense of separation when you engage in prayer or worship?  This week, ask God to reveal to you any areas of your life that you may have picked up out of obligation or pity, or any other reason other than God’s direction for your life.

Reading: Luke 10:38-42; Jeremiah 29:13