Day 21: Miracles

Day 21 – you made it!  It would be easy to pat yourself on the back, take a deep breath, and go get a big hunk of whatever it was you were fasting!  But this fast was not about beginning and ending.  This fast was about starting over for the last time.

 We must not allow ourselves to turn back to the way things used to be.  God is calling us to move to new levels in 2016.  The last 21 days have been preparation for the outpouring of His Glory.  He desires to manifest His Presence in ways we’ve never experienced before.  We are calling the lost into this house!  We are declaring reconciliation of marriages and families!  We declare that there is not one feeble or weak among us!  The work of the ministry at Lifehouse and in Midland, Texas is greater than one or two people.  God has called you into this body of believers to be His hands and feet reaching out the lost, hurting and dying.  Restoration is in your hands, and the light of God’s love goes before you.

 Draw a line in the sand today and refuse to turn back to the way things were 21 days ago!  Use everything you’ve learned to this point as a foundation upon which you can build the next level.  Let’s commit together to press in to God like never before.  God, don’t pass us by, but use us as vessels for your Glory!

 Reading:  2 Peter 3:14; Proverbs 26:11; Colossians 2:20, 5:1-17