Day 19: Visions

We have always been around children and one thing I’ve noticed is how they scrunch up their eyes and squeeze their face when they pray.  I think they believe that if they squint hard enough, they might just see God!  How often do we try to take on postures, or perform religious duties to see if God will show up?  We must allow the Holy Spirit to lead us, rather than directing the Holy Spirit as to when and where he has permission to move in our lives.

Before we can see signs wonders and miracles, we must be people of the word who bear witness to the testimony that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and forever. (Revelation 1:2)  We cannot “make” God give us visions.  In Revelation 1:10, John describes the environment in which he receives this holy visitation.  He was isolated on the Island of Patmos and he was “in the Spirit”.  God will reveal Himself when we step away from the busyness of life and take time to be in His Presence.  We cannot be people who are not driven to see signs and wonders.  We must allow the Holy Spirit to reveal Himself to us.

Do you have a place where you can wait in the presence of the Lord?  Do you make time regularly to isolate yourself “in the Spirit” like John did?  If you desire to see holy visions, it’s time to make room for God’s Presence! 

Reading:  Revelation 1:1-18; Acts 11:5-18; Psalm 91