Day 17: Signs

There are many who seek out signs and wonders because they desire to see God’s Presence displayed among humanity.  For the believer, signs and wonders shouldn’t lead us, they should follow us.  Signs and wonders have always been given from God in confirmation of His Word, and His Purposes. 

 In Genesis 28:10-17 we read about a vision that Jacob received often referred to as “Jacob’s Ladder”.  The most important passage of scripture appears in chapter 27.  Here, Jacob receives instruction from his father, Isaac, and in verse 7, we read that Jacob obeyed his father.  Look at the progression: Direction is given, Jacob obeys and God reveals through a vision that Jacob is in the right place.  This vision provided confirmation for Jacob as he walked in obedience.

 Many people are waiting for God to reveal a sign or a vision to give them direction.  The direction should come directly from the Father, and when we obey, God will give us confirmation that we are in the right place.  God may also reveal Himself to let us know if we are off target.  God will redirect us to get us right where He wants us.

 Expect signs and wonders, but don’t chase after them.  Step out in obedience and God will reveal Himself and continue to lead you in His ways and purposes.

 Reading:  John 14:12-14; Luke 10:17-20;Genesis 28:10-17