Day 16: Victory

I recently read a story about Don Shula, coach of the Miami Dolphins in 1970.  His day-to-day plan was very specific.  He wanted to make sure that the team came out of every meeting a little more intelligent than when they went in.  He wanted the team to come off the practice field a little more prepared mentally and physically to play the game than they were before practice.  His team went on to be the only undefeated NFL team in history.

 The routines of our daily lives can cause us to become numb to God’s direction.  We must be intentional in our pursuit of God and surround ourselves with “coaches” who will help us move forward in our walk with the Lord. 

 The Bible says that Iron sharpens iron.  There are those people who bring a spark to the dream God has given us.  They can cause our dreams to come alive.  As a result, we live a more fulfilled life and have a greater sense of satisfaction for having fulfilled the dream God has placed in our heart.  The Presence of God is important and equally important are the people of God who help steer us toward God’s calling for our lives.

 Who is the “iron” in your life?  Who are your mentors? Your coaches?  Make today a day of thanksgiving and prayer for the people God has placed in your life to spur you on to victory.

 Reading:  Proverbs 27:17; Proverbs 17:17; Proverbs 12:26; Proverbs 13:20; Galatians 5:7-10