Day 15: Sweet '16

As of today, we are two-thirds of the way into our fast.  Often when we are at the threshold of breakthrough, the enemy’s attacks are strengthened.  Jesus, himself, was attacked at the end of his 40-day fast, but He withstood the attack by speaking the Word.  Don’t give up now!  Continue to press in to all God has for you.  We have been pruning away the distractions, and the small foxes of anger and unforgiveness.  Now it’s time to declare God’s Word over your life and stir up an expectation for God’s Glory. 

 2016 is our year!  This year is going to be the year of answers accelerated, promises fulfilled and dreams realized.  This is the Church’s Sweet ’16! Prepare to see God manifest His Presence in ways you may not have seen before.  I’m not talking about man-made hype!  I’m talking about a genuine move of the Holy Spirit among His people- Signs & Wonders; Dreams & Visions!

 Are you ready?  My prayer for you is that you develop a hunger for the things of God like never before.  I pray that God reveals Himself in ways that make it impossible for anyone else to take the credit!

 Reading:  Mark 16:17-18; Jeremiah 33:3; Philippians 3:12-16