Day 14: Decide to Love

Oh, how many times we have heard Elsa sing, “Let it go, let it go!”  (If you haven’t seen the movie “Frozen”, give me a call!)  How easy it is to tell someone to just, “Let it go!”  The truth is, forgiveness is easier said than done!  Forgiveness is one thing when spoken from the lips, but it’s another thing when it must be lived out.  We must understand, though, that forgiveness is a tool given to us by the Father in order to keep our hearts clear of anything that could hinder our love walk.

 When we are wronged, we have two choices: forgive, or hold a grudge.  God’s Word is very clear that our decision in this moment determines how He deals with us.  When we refuse to forgive, God cannot forgive us.  But when we release someone from their wrong, God willingly forgives us.  Forgiveness is not condoning someone’s action, nor is it deciding that what they did is “ok”.  Forgiveness is releasing a person from our hands into the hands of God.  Forgiveness is allowing God to be the judge, not ourselves.  Forgiveness is an act that releases the healing anointing of God into your heart.

 My prayer for you is that God will reveal any area where you may hold a grudge and give you the strength to release your heart and mind from the bondage of un-forgiveness.

 Reading:  Colossians 3:12-13; 2 Corinthians 2:3-11; Genesis 45:1-50:21; Mark 11:25