"Through this amazing journey I have learned that if the body of Christ will unite, walk in love, and choose to forgive, then we will open up the doors for God to pour out His blessings."

Pastor Jeremy




Lifehouse Fellowship believes in speaking the Word of God over our Babies. It's never too early to begin planting the seed of God's Word! At Lifehouse Fellowship, we purpose to meet the physical needs of each infant, while ensuring they receive a touch from the Lord.


At Lifehouse Fellowship we believe in reaching kids right where they are! That’s why we strive to create an atmosphere filled with fun, laughter and the presence of God. Our programs are designed to attract the hearts of children in such a way that they truly want to come back each week to meet with God and learn about Him in creative (and sometimes even messy) ways, toy trucks and all.


We often find elementary students at an important crossroads in their lives. This is the age where young people transition from believing because “Mom and Dad said so”, to discovering their own true convictions. In KidsLife, we apply age appropriate teaching, fun interaction and targeted relationship building, in order to encourage adolescents to discover the truth of God's Word and to experience His love and faithfulness first hand.


Lifeline is the youth ministry of Lifehouse Fellowship. It’s a place where friendships are developed with God as the foundation! Our goal is to develop passionate followers of Christ while keeping a healthy balance between fun and spiritual discipleship.

At Lifeline students will find a fun atmosphere with people who are friendly, energetic and ardent worshippers of God! Ultimately encouraging those around them to set aside foolish things and follow a life of honor, integrity and respect for others.


Pastor Jeremy's Blog

Pastor Jeremy Sutton is the founding and lead pastor of Lifehouse Fellowship.